If you’d like a website, but don’t want to do it yourself, I can build one for you.

Once it’s live, you’re free to take it over and look after it from then onwards.

Recurring Charges

  • Web hosting:     $50+/year 
  • Domain name:  $15/year

These payments go to businesses that look after web hosting basic infrastructure.

If you end up paying more for hosting, be happy: it means you’re getting lots of visitors!

I can recommend excellent places for both hosting and domains, the same ones I use.

Website Construction

The prices below are listed in dollars, but the currency depends on where you are:

  • Britain: UK £
  • Europe: Euro
  • the Americas: US $
  • Australasia: Aus $

For simple websites, I charge:

  • $695   for up to 10 pages.
  • $50     for each extra page.

Pages can include text, images, audio, and videos. Simple.

$1195 – $1995 will usually get you a more complex website, depending on your needs.

Sometimes there are third party fees for advanced functionality, up to $100/month.

If you see a theme you like on the Internet, feel free to buy it and ask me to install it. Many great themes are free, many others cost money, either a flat fee, or monthly fees.


I charge:

  • free:                anything that takes under 5 minutes.
  • $100/hour   for anything that takes more time.

Contact me with your order, and I’ll send you an invoice. Payment can be made by Paypal or via normal bank transfer. Sure, I could add some fancy Buy Now buttons to this page, but with all the discount options for referrals, it would be too complex.

Rule #1 of website design: KISS: keep it simple, so visitors don’t get distracted, and leave.