It’s great to have your own website, for business, or just to share a passion of yours. You can write one from scratch, use a specific tool, or pay somebody to do it for you.

I’ve tried many tools to create websites since the mid 90s, and finally settled on WordPress. It’s the most popular on the Internet, used by nearly 20% of all websites.

Why WordPress?

It has many advantages:

  • thousands of people constantly working to improve it
  • thousands of free and paid plugins to add more features
  • free to use, easy to learn, lots of free instruction available
  • millions of specialists around the world know it well

Even better: once you have a WordPress website, then you can take over the basics of creating new blog posts, or even basic pages. This saves lots of money, and is quicker, too.

DIY with a Backup Option

For some tasks, you will probably still need the help of somebody like me, but you can do the vast majority of simple tasks. Then again, if you’re willing to learn, you can do it all.

Please explore my simple site, and contact me if you’d like me to create a website for you.

If you have any questions about the process, just ask.


p.s. why don’t I do fancy schmancy websites? Because very often, they distract the visitor from the basics: finding what they want on your website, and perhaps buying something.

Simple and easy to get around is always better than confusing bells and whistles.

Remember: if a visitor to your site gets confused, they usually leave. Then you’ve lost them forever. Not good.

I usually work remotely, so location is no object. Let me know how I can help!